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October 23, 2005

TravelPod.com Goes Mobile with Rabble

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TravelPod is a service which lets you share your travels using your own online travelogue (also known as a travel journal or travel blog). A travelogue is basically an online journal which enabled your to chronicle and share your travels.

TravelPod.com was released in 1997 when it was introduced as the Web’s first site to enable its members to create online travelogues ( travel blogs ) which revolutionized the way people travel and share their adventures with the world.

Together with Intercasting Corporation, the first Location-Aware Media Networking Operator (LMNO), TravelPod will from now on deliver the first mobile blogging service for travel bloggers.

“Mobile blogging is perfect for travelers,” said Luc Levesque, TravelPod founder and VP Technology. “Our ultimate goal is to make it possible for all travelers to share their adventures as they are happening. We’ve taken another step in that direction with the launch of our mobile blogging service.”

TravelPod.com members can synchronize their travel journals and travel maps to any mobile blogging-enabled wireless device through Rabble from Intercasting Corporation. Rabble is the first mobile blogging application for cell phones, designed to empower individuals to create, publish and share media and connect with others based on proximity or areas of interest.

Url: http://travelpod.com

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