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October 19, 2005

iPod ‘doomed’? euhh what?

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The pioneer of RSS and web logs Dave Winner told the PBS weekly online TV show NerdTV the iPod is ultimately doomed to fail because it allows very little participation by the outside world.

BOE BOE BOE Winner!!! Dave Winner is a loozer!!!!

“Dave: Inclusion, absolutely. Be inclusive, right. Where it’s exclusive, you’re hurt - it’s not gonna work. That’s the Internet. And you might argue, actually, that that has always, even when we didn’t call what we were doing the Internet, that really was what we were doing. That was why the Apple II worked. That was why the Lisa did not work. That’s why the Mac worked, you know. That’s why ultimately the iPod is doomed. Because the iPod only allows a very, very slim amount of participation by the outside world. And, I guess it’s a temporary thing. The music industry needed that kind of - sort of control over it in order for them to let that thing do what it was doing. But, long-term, it doesn’t have a future in that way.

And I think part of it is the paranoia of the music industry, and part of it is that Steve Jobs really doesn’t like open platforms. And, ultimately, you know, he’s quite happy that - but something like the Archos that runs Linux, and it’s completely wide open. Supports - has Wi-Fi. It has every port known to man on it. That it’s not a - I mean nobody’s heard of it. Doesn’t matter. That’s the kind of product we’re gonna end up using, because it’s just - ’cause somebody’s gonna come up with killer app for all those - you know, whatever, anyway I’m rambling.”

wallies.info: “The Apple iPod’s are a hype, but it is a great and useful gadget and the most popular music player. There are probably better music players available, but the integration with iTunes where you can buy and download music and videos is unique.”

Url: http://www.pbs.org/cringely/nerdtv/transcripts/006.html

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