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August 31, 2005

Veggie Vision

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Veggie Vission is Internet TV brings you information, education and entertainment for cruelty-free living and animal-free eating, let’s say ‘veganism’.

After 18 months strugling with the idea to start with a TV programme about veganism, Karin Ridgers, a famous U.K. TV presenter and businesswoman decided to produce at last her own internet TV station, VeggieVision.co.uk.

Veganism is a philosophy and practise of respect for animals, which avoids the use of animals for food, clothing, and other human purposes.

August 30, 2005

Hurricane Katrina videos (USA TODAY)

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USA TODAY (http://www.usatoday.com) has made a revealing collection of short videos of the hurricane Katrina:

(RealPlayer is requiered!)
- New Orleans struggles: Despite very poor conditions at the Louisiana Superdome, National Guard troops have brought in more refugees who are trying to escape rising water in New Orleans.
- Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath : Hurricane Katrina plowed into New Orleans with shrieking, 145-mph winds and blinding rain that submerged entire neighborhoods up to the rooflines.
- Katrina batters Baton Rouge : Hurricane Katrina blew through Baton Rouge, LA downing trees and power lines as it heads north at 16 mph.

Read also this interesting USA TODAY article on their website : Gulf coast residents tell their stories live on the Web.

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iTunes Phone??

Posted by @ 7:03 pm. Filed under gadgets

I place a bet Apple, together with Motorola, will introduce on September 7th the first iPod Phone.

Motorola CEO Ed Zander on July 25 promised the iTunes phone would be out before the end of September.

Why do I think that? Read this article of BetaNews: Apple Event Fuels iPod Speculation

(Update 02/09/05)
More info and photos of the phone, iTunes interface and iTunes manual here.

Podcast Alley

Posted by @ 6:35 pm. Filed under podcast

Podcast Alley is striving to develop the biggest and best podcast directory on the Internet.

Podcast Alley is a project of Chris McIntyre, a 26 years old man with degrees from Purdue University in Computer Graphic Technology and Computer Programming Technology.

On Podcast Alley, you’ll find off course a lot of Podcasts, a Top 10, podcast software, the podcast forum and great podcasting info.

August 29, 2005

rtvchannel.tv, once again

Posted by @ 6:46 pm. Filed under itv

In a previous post, I stated “Because you have to register before you can watch (login with password), I’ll ban this one!“.
By now, you don’t have to register anymore at RTV Channel. So, a close look at RTV Channel is worthy I suppose.

On the Dutch RTV Channel and German RTV Channel, it is indeed not compelled to first register. On the UK site, you still have to register.

RTV Channel, a project of RTVZ, is a real direct live internet TV station, like MTV, free to viewers. RTV Channel is just streaming music for your pleasure, World Wide Internet TV. You can request a music clip or send even one of yours. RTV Channel is a station founded to make streaming media available on the web.

RTV Channel TV Online live televisie

Actually, RTV Channel is COOL! I think RTV Channel is the first non-stop music video channel on the Internet.

It’s pitty, according my experiences, that RTV Channel only plays with Internet Explorer. The RTV Channel player didn’t start in Opera, Mozilla and Firefox.

Required bandwidth: 1000Kb/s
Advised plugins: Media Player

Url: http://www.rtvchannel.tv

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August 28, 2005

Google Joins the Internet Phone Revolution

Posted by @ 8:58 pm. Filed under platform

By Roger Overanout

Its not so long ago that the idea of free phone calls over the Internet would have been thought an impossibility, but as any knowledgeable user will tell you they are now commonplace. Skype the pioneer and market leader has 51 million users and a great, easy to use software package that allows your computer to make Internet phone calls between subscribers.

All you need is a reasonable computer, preferably a broadband connection but it will work over a dial up connection, and a microphone, then as long as the person you want to contact is online and also signed up to the same service, you can talk for ever for no cost.

Virgin Radio ‘The Tim Lovejoy Show’ podcast

Posted by @ 8:34 pm. Filed under podcast

Virgin Radio was the first UK radio station to produce a daily podcast.
Every weekday, you can download the best of Pete and Geoff on the Virgin Radio Breakfast Show on your Podcast. (more…)

World First Look at the iTunes Phone

Posted by @ 7:23 pm. Filed under wallies

Don’t ask me how and when I did it, but I managed to get a photo of the pre-production model of the first Apple iTunes Phone, developed with Motorola.

Please, don’t tell this to anyone else… this is CLASSIFIED and very secret!!!

Url: http://www.bibi.org/box/archives/april_fools/itunes_phone.html

A Walk Through Durham Township

Posted by @ 7:09 pm. Filed under photoblog

The ‘A Walk Through Durham Township’ is a very beautiful blog with high quality pictures of Durham, a city in North Carolina (U.S.). Blog author is a very intelligent lady, Kathleen Connally. The photos are taken with a Nikon D100, only in RAW format and post-process with Photoshop CS.

Blogging From the Iraq Front Lines

Posted by @ 6:11 pm. Filed under blogs

Michael Yon is at this moment in Iraq, in the centre of the front lines. From there, he reports daily on his weblog, even often with pictures. On thursday, August 25, 2005, his platoon got a radio message that an American soldier was killed in a battle. An repatriation mission was set up with all speed. An other soldier got injured. The whole story can you read here.

Michael Yon is an independent, informed observer chronicling the monumentally important events in the efforts to stabilize Iraq. His dispatches have the benefit of his life experiences without drawbacks based on deadlines or demands of marketplace. The cost of these dispatches is borne solely by himself.

On Monday, while conducting operations in west Mosul, a voice came over the radio saying troops from our brother unit, the 3-21, were fighting with the enemy in east Mosul on the opposite side of the Tigris River. Moments later, SSG Will Shockley relayed word to us that an American soldier was dead. We began searching for the shooters near one of the bridges on our side of the Tigris, but they got away. Jose L. Ruiz was killed in action.

Although the situation in Mosul is better, our troops still fight here every day. This may not be the war some folks had in mind a few years ago. But once the shooting starts, a plan is just a guess in a party dress.

Gates of Fire, Mosul, Iraq. By Michael Yon
Image credits: © Michael Yon

Url: http://michaelyon.blogspot.com

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>> Wiki : http://www.wallies.info/wiki/index.php/BlogginFromTheIraqFront Lines

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