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June 29, 2005

Rocketboom video weblog

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Rocketboom is a Monday-through-Friday is a three minute daily videoblog (vlog) based in New York City and creates a wide range of information and commentary from top news stories to quirky internet culture.

Rocketboom is created with a simple consumer-level video camera, a laptop, two lights and a map with no additional overhead or costs and is distributed online.
You can click all day to Rocketboom whenever you want to catch today’s three- to five-minute installment or tap the archives.
The audience for Rocketboom, which began last October, is currently 25,000 downloads a day.

Url: http://www.rocketboom.com/vlog/

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June 26, 2005

Podcasting Tools

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Copyright © 2005 Sharon Housley

Podcasting is increasing in popularity and, realizing that many are interested in providing audio content in a podcast, we have assembled a collection of tools that make creation, promotion and listening to podcasts a little easier.

1.) Podcasting Tools - Podcasts are simply RSS feeds that contain audio content. By using a combination of RSS and podcast related tools users can use this new communication medium.. The following tools assist webmasters in using RSS and podcasts to maximize their time:

Alternatives to MP3

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By Hans Dekker

Although MP3 is the most popular format for encoding music, it is by no means the only one. There are two basic methods for compressing audio - lossless and lossy, and for each of these methods there are many formats.

Lossless compression means that none of the audio data is removed during compression. Lossy compression means that audio data is permanently removed from the audio file. Lossy compression results in smaller files, but there is no way to rebuild the audio data to its original format. MP3 is an example of lossy compression.

PicoBlogger - Moblog software for your smart phone

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Moblog, Vlog or podcast right from your mobile phone… PicoBlogger 2 does it all!

With PicoBlogger, mobile blogging has never been easier. You can now create and post in a matter of clicks. PicoBlogger also allows you to save your post for publishing at a later time.

With PicoBlogger you can: (more…)

Soon The Next Generation iPods?

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Read on AppleInsider (http://www.appleinsider.com):

Apple plans special event next month, new iPods likely

According AppleInsider, Apple plans on Thursday, July 7th during a large media event the presentation of new iPods photo,iPod shuffles, fifth generation of iPods and iTunes 4.9 with Podcasting…

Url : http://www.appleinsider.com/article.php?id=1148

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June 25, 2005

Mobile blogging is turning celebrity chasers into bona fide paparazzi.

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Read on China CRIENGLISH (http://en.chinabroadcast.cn):

“In Britain, mobile bloggers are swapping instant candid clips of celebrities - but Hong Kong may have to wait to give chase.”

Url : http://en.chinabroadcast.cn/2238/2005-6-21/33

How to Develop Back Links

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By Ron Swerdfiger

There are no hidden secrets on how to rank high with the major search engines. All that is needed is a basic understanding of how search engines work and a bit of know hown Perhaps the biggest contributing factor to a successful web site is incoming links. Without links, your website will more than likely go unnoticed. So how should you accumulate these links? Below are a few basic methods to accumulate quality back links.

Before you get started

You MUST understand how search engines work. Over 90% of your business will likely come directly from search engine results. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to optimize your site for search engines. You could have the greatest deals in the entire world, but if no one knows about them then your efforts are wasted. Do a search on google for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You will find tons of great information on how to create a website that is both user friendly and search engine friendly. There are also countless numbers of companies and freelancers out there who offer SEO services. Just be cautious of their offers and do your research first. Remember, NO ONE can guarantee top placement in major search engines, no matter what they say.

Where should back links come from?

1. Articles are a fantastic source of links and additional traffic to your site. There are countless sites online that want your articles. It’s a win win situation for everyone. When you write articles and submit them online, you are able to leave a link to your own site and sometimes even anchor text. I know what you’re saying, “I can’t write about anything.” I use to feel the same way. But the truth of the matter is, anyone can write. You just have to find a topic that interests you. You can write about anything from dogs, to computers, to personal training, to web hosting, heck you can even write about writing. The bottom line is, articles are a valuable source of ‘relevant’ back links to your site.

2. Submit to directories. There are literally hundreds of “free” and “paid” directories online. With 3 hours of painless work, you can have your site submitted to hundreds of great directories. There are many quality lists of directories that are regularly updated. One of my favorites is http://www.best-web-directories.com/ which is always updated and maintained.

3. Develop link exchanges with relevant sites. The major search engines such as google see incoming links from relevant sites, and give them more rank compared a link from an unrelated site. For example, if you have a website about pet care products, your link strategy should target pet related sites. Again with a bit of hard work and determination, you can develop a great deal of ‘relevant’ back links.

4. Forums are a great source for additional traffic and links. Many forums allow their users to display signatures in their posts. These signatures can consist of both text and links. When you post a new message on that forum, your websites link will be displayed for everyone to see. This not only helps build valuable back links, but will bring additional traffic to your website.

5. Join a link co-op. Co-ops such as the one found at http://www.digitalpoint.com/ are an amazing source of valuable back links and free advertisement. What is a co op network? A Co op network is a network of site owners/webmasters that offer ad space to the network. In return, the ads they define are displayed across the entire network. The best part of ad networks such as the one found at digital point, is, they are free. Having your site in a co-op can literally mean thousands of back links for your site.

If you want to have a successful site, whether-it-be a hobby or for business, you have to understand how search engines work. Part of that understanding is knowing about link development. Maybe in the early 90’s the idea of “if you build it they will come” might have been true. But in the year 2005 the internet is a far more competitive and complex place. To be successful today, you have to work at it. Without a quality source of back links the search engines will all buy ignore your site.

Ron is the CTO for Dice Ventures Inc an internet holdings and development company. Some current projects include a hosting forum and a Linux forum

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/

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June 24, 2005

What ROI You Should Expect From Your Web Site

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By Joseph Zaritski

Is Your Web Site an Expense or an Investment?

Why don’t you think of your web site as of an investment rather than of an expense? Having a web site is very similar to having an investment property.

Let me show you why.

When you are buying an investment property, you have to invest a certain amount of money at the first place and then pay trivial ongoing fees (property management, rates, maintenance, etc.).

June 21, 2005

Chinese Blogger lashes out at Microsoft

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I’m always alert for criticism against the software of Microsoft, (I’m not against the company), as I’m a practical non-Microsoft software believer, despite I regret I never bought the Microsoft stock, because I’m a ‘real’ capitalist! ;) There are better alternatives for all Microsoft products, except W2k and MSN Messenger.

What’s all about? According blogger and tech entrepreneur Isaac Mao, “MSN Spaces is an evil thing to Chinese bloggers”. In 2002, Mao was one of China’s first bloggers and today he is partner in a venture capital firm that funds Chinese new internet companies and also blog-hosting services off course. Mao isn’t talking out of the back of his neck I think.

Master’s Degree in Google Science

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Google is very hot these days, you can even learn for a Master’s Degree in Google Science (MIGS) at the Information School of the New York Syracuse University ( http://www.syr.edu/ ).

As people are Googling for hours every day, and they need teachers to show them how to make that activity more efficient. Internet users (also students and business users) can attend a 40 credit-hour-program leading to a Master’s Degree in Google Science (MIGS).

Google has indexed billions of internet pages and finding that page with a particular item or information isn’t that evident! With this degree, you should become a in searching and finally finding ’stuff’ on Google.

Url : http://www.syr.edu

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